Boiler Systems

We offer a quality installation service for boiler systems. When choosing to install or upgrade your boiler systems, consideration must be given to the type chosen, Combination Boilers or Condensing Boilers. We will advise on the best system for your home or business premises.


Common Boiler issues and when to repair or replace

Leaking water

If water is pooled up around the bottom of your Boiler, it could be from a leak caused by age and corrosion. Check to find the source of the leak- if it's coming from the fittings, connections to the tank, or temperature/pressure overflow pipe, a repair may be in order. If the tank itself is cracked or corroded, it's time to replace your boiler.

Rusty Colour Water

This could be a sign of a rusted out water heater or pipes. A good way to test your appliance for rust is drain about 10 gallons from it into buckets. If the water continues to come out rusty, the boiler is the source of the problem.

Noise coming from water heater

Older Boilers can have sediment build-up, causing rumbling, banging or popping noises. An annual flush is good way to clean out and prevent build-up.

Not enough hot water

If you notice your hot water is running out sooner than usual, this could indicate a failing thermostat. In this case, the thermostat would simply need to be replaced rather than the whole appliance.

No hot water

Before you assume the worst, there are a few minor issues that could cause hot water to not come out of your boiler. It could be a failing thermostat, heating element, or you may just simply have a pilot light out. A professional plumber could easily diagnose the issue.



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