Power Flushing

We are heating experts and specialize in heating system and boiler   power flushing, It is our ambition to keep our prices low, whilst still offering you the best service and the highest quality, charges are clearly displayed so that you don't worry about any unpleasant hidden costs.

We cover all London and surrounding areas. We successfully flush several hundred heating systems every year and able to resolve the issues you are having with yours.You'll feel the big difference and thank us for doing a good job.


What benefits can you expect after power flushing?

There are many benefits to power flushing your central heating:

  • Faster radiator “heating up” time
  • All radiators produce more heat
  • Boiler runs quieter
  • Overall central heating system quieter
  • No cold spots on radiators
  •  Cheaper gas bill – making your money stretch further ( what you spend on power flush you get back in one winter saving)
  • Less risk of breakdown
  • More reliable and efficient central heating system, giving you a warmer house at less cost

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